BERDAV marine

WYCの西にまもなく完成するのはBERDAV marineというボートビルダー&ショップです。

オーナーさんが挨拶に来てくれたのですが、なんとUSSがプライベートだったころにSailors Coveでお隣さんだった人でした。
別れた後、WYCの皆さんへとBERDAV marineのカレンダーを頂きました。




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  1. Anu Says:

    Hello Neighbours at WayPoint Yacht Club.
    I’d like to introduce my partner Karsten Runningbear and myself and of course our company, BERDAV®marine, as your new neighbour on Holly Kai Three.
    We are a german high-end power boat manufacturer and are honoured to being in nice neighbourhood with you.
    Of course we tried to not disturb your visual sight to the west, so we put palm trees, and I think we set up a nice and suiting environment.
    I further would be honoured to welcome the WayPoint Yacht Club members anytime for small talk or anything you wish to talk about.
    Please do not ever hesitate to come and talk with me about whatever.
    A few of you might already know me as I am a long time (since early 2008) resident of the Sailors Cove estate nearby, a former long distance sailor at Mowry Bay Cruising Club, an active member at Tradewinds Yacht Club and it would be my pleasure to make new friendship with our new neighbours.
    Cheers on a long lasting good neighbourship
    and Fair Winds!

    Anu Daviau

  2. Taku Raymaker Says:

    Hi Anu,
    Thank you for your post 🙂
    WYC is very honoured to have a nice neighbour BERDAV marine!

    Many WYC members love power boats as much as sailing boats, it could not be better for us to see BERDAV marine’s hi-end power boats just next to the club house.

    Best wishes for your future!

    Taku Raymaker
    WayPoint YC


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